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Google Is A Reputation Engine

Would you like a coke? Do you need a bandaid? Do you have a jacuzzi in your home? If you want to find something just google it!

Most everyone knows that Google is a search engine. So are Yahoo, MSN and a dozen lesser known search platforms. But no one, and I mean no one, has the power that Google does. How many times have you heard someone say “just google it”? Some terms have integrated into our culture and a specific brand ends up defining an entire business category.

Now the real concern: anything can be googled. The whole method for people evaluating and making decisions has moved online. Just stop and think: medical services, daycare, plumbing, schools, churches, cars, banks and financial services can all be evaluated online before a decision is made.

If it is true for products and services, think for a moment about you, your family and your job. Bad information, negative search results and complaint sites such as combine to create a whole new level of concern. I am told that more then half of all headhunters evaluate potential clients by “googling” them before accepting an assignment.

Single people looking for relationships through social websites; don’t you think that information is sought out before having that first encounter? Civic organizations, school acceptance, scholarships and even your child’s social life can all be impacted by a simple point and click. Your online reputation can be affecting your current life and impacting your future without your even knowing it.

Professionals such as dentists, lawyers and doctors are not the only segments of society that are impacted. Take a moment to consider how bad online publicity can impact all the areas of your professional and personal life. Making a decision to retain a company like Reputation Advocate to protect your reputation is a positive, proactive approach to defending your good name.


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